Thursday, January 26, 2012

White Bed Frames & Inspiration

White Bed Frames
Hi everyone so  I've decided to redo my bedroom and have been browsing around the internet for some inspiration. After looking around and comparing I realized that I fell head over heels for white head boards! White is a neutral color so I have many opinions in color schemes and pretty much any color I choose for my accent will totally go. There are so many looks you can achieve with white as well. For example, modern, shabby chic, contemporary, or traditional the list is endless.  You could also mix new pieces in with old ones, mix and match different furniture or add bold color pieces. In other words white equals opinions, opinions, opinions!
Take a look at some of the bedrooms that I love and helped me in making my decision in buying a white head board. All images are from
I know this isn't white but, I love this look so, I had to add it:)
Below are the ones I found while shopping online and with all the opinions I had, I choose one from that was perfect in my eyes and so affordable....I will label the one I choose. All prices are for queen sized beds.
From $319
From $359
From $240
From $344
From $350 (This is the one am getting!!!)
From $751

From $899
From $255
From $466-$540
From $250
 I would love to hear what you think. Any suggestions, want to hear them! So long for now.....see you next time:)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cheap & Chic: Forever 21 Finds

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Hint of Yellow

A Hint of Yellow
Yellow, White, Black & Gray are colors I really like together. I especially love the bold color yellow mixed in with the room decor. Choosing neutral colors for your main pieces is essential in my opinion because you can switch out accessories to different colors to get a totally different look! Adding bold colored pillows, lamps, picture frames, sheets and even candles is a great way to bring color in the room. Switching out accessories is also much cheaper then buying new furniture.
Yellow is the color of sunshine. It's associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy. 


Friday, January 20, 2012

Ready to Paint, But What Color?

Hey everyone check out the link below on my question to Centsational Girl on "What Color Should I Paint?"

Ready to Paint, But What Color?

Look forward to a blog of my piece and what I end up doing with them! I'll keep you all posted.

10 Reasons Why Being a Girl in Vegas has its Perks!!!


So I thought I would write about this topic since there are many benefits when having big boobs, small ones, blonde hair, brunette hair, extensions, no extensions, and living in Vegas. Thinking back when times were carefree, my girlfriends and I were single and when life didn't get in the way, I can't remember one, ever waiting in line at the hottest club two, paying for entrance let alone paying for drinks and three, always getting invited to party with random some hot and sometimes not men/guys at their bottle service tables. There have been so many times when we've just gone out for one drink and it ending up being 3 shots and 4 drinks later or spending at the most 10 to 15 dollars for the whole night because guys were buying us drinks the entire time. So some of you are thinking "okay.....these girls are cheap if they go around accepting free drinks from random guys" but, I swear that has never been the case. First off, I hate cheap people so, I for one am not cheap nor any of my girlfriends, it just happened 90 percent of the time that they offered to pay and we gladly accepted. We never went out with having the mindset that we wouldn't be spending a dime. To all the girls out there I know you know what I mean by this.
One of the place we loved to go, Blush inside the Wynn. Closed now but, opening soon. Photo from
Another frequently visited club, Tryst inside the Wynn. Photo from

Quick story, a while ago us three girls went out on some random night, again not really wanting to get crazy but, of course as history repeats itself time after time it didn't end up being that way! I really don't remember where the night started but we did end up at the club that used to be inside the Hard Rock (sorry I can't think of the name at this minute). So am having the usual conversation with this guy I meet at the bar "Where are you from?", "What do you do?", blah, blah, blah and then he asks, "Can I buy you a drink?" "Sure," I say but, this particular time I didn't order the usual Captain and Coke but, felt a bit adventurous and asked the bartender for a cocktail menu, I closed my eyes, pointed my finger and 5 seconds later opened and said, "whatever am pointing at is want I want", not really knowing what I supposedly wanted. Couple of minutes later I notice the bartender really happy and constantly giving me endless smiles and am thinking" where the heck is my drink." So all of a sudden comes out a bottle of Dom Perignon with a couple of glasses. I couldn't believe my eyes and then it hit me why the bartender loved me at that moment....because she was getting a nice tip off of that expensive piece of green glass bottle filled with french champagne:) To wrap up the night the guy who bought us the champagne also bought us a ride home in a black limo....which we first dropped off one of my girlfriends right across the street because at the time she lived next to Hard Rock!
Picture from that night

With all that being said and having so much more crazy stories which I will share at a later time below is my list:

1. Having free bottle service (Typical bottle service ranges from  $300-$3000 depending on what type of alcohol you get.....keep in mind champagne can be way more).
2. Not having to wait in line to get in the hottest clubs (don't get fooled by those VIP passes, you still have to wait in line....tip: just go in front of the line smile and tell the bouncer "Hi we're (number of girls) in our party can we get in?" Clubs want girls cause guys spend more money when there is a variety of us:)
3. Not having to pay entrance, this is especially true if you are local
4. Getting our own comped table with bottle service (Girls please remember that just because you get a free bottle your service is NOT FREE, have each girl in party chip in between 20 to 25 bucks) In order to get this perk I suggest getting a hook up with one of the hosts so, a nice tip would be, picking a host you like and developing a relationship .....and am not talking about a romance however, more like a friendship.
5. Getting free dinner at a top restaurant on the strip (Same as number 4)
6. Getting away with certain things. (For example, squeezing yourself into the front of the bar line when its really busy.)
7. Spending very little or not at all and having a unforgettable night with girlfriends
8. Photographer asking to take your photo (Example, &
9. Free money to gamble (This has only happened to be once when I was with my girlfriend at Wynn. It was a $1000 and we didn't win:( )
10. In the long run saving more money in order to have more possibilities for a cute dress or new shoes for that next night out!
A girl's night out with a free comped table on St. Patrick's Day!

Leaving Tryst after yet again another great night:)

I hope you enjoyed this post. I would love to hear your comments and any stories you might have. Please feel free to add to list. Thanks and til next time:)